Residential / Upgrades

An inexpensive upgrade is possibly all your existing PC needs for a new lease of life. Pro logic offers the full range of PC upgrades;

* Make using your PC a richer experience, better for digital photography and easier to use by upgrading to Windows 7/8
* Speed up your PC by adding more RAM memory
* Increase your storage by replacing your Hard Drive or adding an additional Hard Drive
* Improve your graphics capability by installing an up to date graphics card
* If you have a Camcorder you may need a Firewire card to transfer the video files on to your PC
* If you want to take advantage of high capacity BLU-ray disks you will need a Blu-ray drive

If you are not sure about the specification of your PC but would like to upgrade please call us on 01977 649100 or bring in your PC for a free “Upgrade Evaluation”.

As we all know PC’s and Laptops can be troublesome, and often need repairing by professionals. We have been repairing PC’s and Laptops for many years and have built up a good reputation in the process.

If you require repair, diagnosis or upgrade bring it in to our workshop during 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday or Saturday 10am to 3:30pm. We will need to take some contact details and a brief description of the fault or work required.

Our policy is we will inform you if the work is going to be over £35 (inc VAT) unless we have previously quoted overwise.

We work on a first in first out policy, if you require a faster turnaround please enquire about our High Priority option. You are welcome to prebook via telephone or email.

Due to the high volume of work we turn around we can not offer a while you wait service. Work is carried out in a controlled environment in our workshop, so we please ask NOT to power on equipment on the sales counter.


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