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Network Infrastructure

Whether you have just the one site or many, a well designed network infrastructure is crucial in allowing your PC’s, Servers and other networked devices to talk to each other.

We can help with all your networking needs, right from the fundamentals such as the structured cabling and equipment to the topology and design of the network.

Networking Technologies covered;
* Local Area Networks (LAN’s)
* Wide Area Networks (WAN’s)
* Cabling and Network Infrastructure
* Wireless Networking

VPN (Virtual Private Network) Solutions
If your Business has more than one site or teleworkers and you need these sites/individuals connected to each other by a data link, a VPN may be just what you have been looking for. VPN’s offer a tried and tested way of connecting different sites using inexpensive ADSL (broadband) circuits, the encrypted data is passed between sites securely over the Internet using a private tunnel. See diagram:

VPN’s offer a large degree of flexibility over leased line equivalents which still remain relatively expensive. If your Business would like to take advantage of VPN technologies then please contact us to discuss your data communication needs.

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