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Developing bespoke Databases Solutions for small businesses is one of our specialities, ranging from single user Applications to multi user client-server Applications. The most important part of a development project is to make sure that you, the customer, get exactly what you want. At the key stages of development we will show you the progress that has been made, giving you the opportunity to make any changes that are necessary ensuring the goal is achieved within the agreed timescale.

Our Applications are written in industry standard development tools and will integrate with the Microsoft Office suite.

* Vehicle Delivery Scheduling Systems
* Contact Management Solutions
* Purchase Ordering Systems
* Invoicing/Quotation Applications
* Data Analysis
* Job Logging/Billing/Reporting

If you are having problems buying of-the-shelf database software that will fulfil your needs, then please do not hesitate to contact Pro Logic on 01977 649100.

“We employed Pro-Logic computers to design a new order processing and transport scheduling system. This had previously all been done manually which was very time consuming. Processing a new order used to take a couple of minutes, this can now be done in seconds. The key area was the transport scheduling where we allocate jobs to each vehicle. This again was very time consuming, around 1 hour every afternoon. We can now do this job in a matter of minutes. A deadline was set for this new system to be up and running. Aside from a few tweaks this was done well within the required time. The time saving has been the main saving to our business as time can now be better spent looking after customers requirements and developing new business.”
Nick Gillott
BMB Buildbase Limited

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